Why Your Account Manager Should Be Your New Best Friend

Posted by Lewis Rough on August 28th, 2017

Effective and responsive communication between Hubpeople Affiliates and their Account Manager forms the keystone to the success of our Affiliates. The Account Manager forms a dual role in that they are the voice for the affiliate within the company, additionally providing feedback and updates to the affiliate, making sure any problem that could arise has a solution, and any question you may have has an answer, thus assisting you in running a successful white label site.

Knowledge is Power

As in any business, information is key and knowledge of the data within our platform is something the Account Managers can provide you with. The stats and figures available to the Account Managers allow them to help you make informed decisions about your site and the traffic you are pushing to it. Having a truer picture of the platform enables you to target and drill down to the appropriate audience according to your site and traffic source.

If you are starting your relationship with HubPeople or simply creating a new offer, HubPeople can assist in deciding what type of site would work best with your traffic based on analysis of the platform and associated landing pages.

The Account Manager project manages the production of the requested landing page after the initial consultation with the affiliate. They also have full visibility of the production and with this visibility are able to give any feedback that is requested or required. Following the production of the landing page, and the landing page going live, the Affiliate can proceed with the traffic plan that is in place with the full advice and support of the Account Manager.

Upgrading and Changing

Trends, values and opinions of the Affiliate’s target market changes over time, as with most traffic sources. Adapting the traffic source and landing page becomes easier with information gained from your Account Manager and the team. The constant tweaking with the information gained can put you in the best position for gaining a higher ROI. If agreed targets are met then adjustments to the rev-share can be made at particular stages.

All HubPeople Account Managers are knowledgeable in the use of different Ad networks and are in a position to advise with regards to the tools needed to send effective and relevant traffic with the aim of keeping the spend low and returns high.

Whether the Affiliate is hosting the landing page on their own servers or hosting with HubPeople, advice can be given on any potential improvements. As a company, HubPeople are constantly testing and tweaking the design of landing pages, the use of different and appropriate imagery, effectively altering the user experience on specific devices are amongst methodology to understand what drives and converts high quality traffic.


You are able to reach your account manager virtually any time of the day via, phone, email or Skype so use this to your advantage. If there are any questions please don't hesitate to ask as their goal is to solely help you in the day-to-day runnings of the site.

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