The Importance
Of A Secure Site

Posted by Lewis Rough on April 11th, 2017

As you may be aware, Firefox has recently been updated and there have been big changes when it comes to online security. The previous version updates saw the potential user being informed that there was not a secure connection when they were hitting the page by showing a lock icon with a red strike through it while running on HTTP. The best way to overcome this hurdle is to run on a HTTPS protocol while having an SSL certificate. The most recent update has made things more obvious when it comes to indicating that the site does not have a SSL certificate. A similar warning is now shown within sections of the registration box of your landing page and any other landing page that asks for the user’s details. As shown in the image below, a warning drop down box appears as the username and password are typed in.

This issue will obviously be detrimental as the browser is making it clear to the potential users that, if they continue, they proceed at their own risk. This new update will not automatically stop any user signing up, but it will definitely advise them against it. The flow of traffic will be interrupted, as people are less likely to register and then even less likely to put their credit details in.

Having HTTPS (secure) as opposed to HTTP (potentially insecure) is becoming the new norm with the internet world. Google have stated that they have recently hit a milestone in that more than half of all desktop pages loaded on Chrome are now served over HTTPS, hinting that Firefox are not the only browser accepting the change in ways and the improvements in security. Google have furthermore said their studies have shown that users tend to ignore warnings that are not shown effectively and become blind to the warnings that are currently in place, thus they admit changes need to be made.

So what can we do to fix this? In order to earn the trust of the user, to ensure our SEO functions are not affected negatively, and to make sure our adword campaigns are being used well, we need to find a way to resolve it. An SSL certificate is the best solution for your dating site. With the guidance and help of your Account Manager we can show you a free method and further guidance on how to maintain the secure label. The step by step guidance from the team will mean that you will be giving anyone that hits your site the confidence to sign up and potentially become a paying member of your site.

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